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RNDC - Leading Wholesale Alcohol Beverage Distributors

Republic National Distributing Company is USA`s 2nd largest wholesale alcoholic beverage distributors, specializing in wine and spirits.

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Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) is an organization built on the strong foundations of three family-owned companies with a rich history. These three companies are Block Distributing Company, N. Goldring Corporation and National Distributing Company. Shared values of each company would eventually serve as a common thread, bringing each company from its humble beginnings to what they have collectively become today.  They have become an industry leader and the US’s second largest wine and spirits distributor.

RNDC serves as a product liaison between suppliers and those who sellers of alcoholic beverages. RNDC is defined by its impeccable customer service, unrivalled expertise in beverage education, and a broad product portfolio. RNDC creates branded products and productivity for all parties involved as their preferred partner for alcohol producers who value their three-tier system. RNDC is one of the nation’s leading wholesale beverage alcohol distributors with roots extending before Prohibition. Customer service, product expertise and executional excellence are the hallmarks of their enduring success. By closely monitoring evolving market trends, they understand the unique needs of their customers and consumers. Their knowledge in the process and craft of alcoholic beverage production fuels their passion for the art of selling lifestyle products.

They provide following services:-


It represents nearly 30 percent of RNDC's total sale. Their National Accounts team collaborates with state and suppliers teams with a customer and/or category-centric, joint business plan approach intended to identify Trade Marketing and Category Management capabilities, drive strategies intended to increase sales and market share, positioning RNDC as a best-in-class "shared services" and added value partner. Their National Accounts team utilizes first-to-market technology to communicate program details intended to maximize in-stocks's, drive program compliance and utilize pricing optimization.


Their trade marketing team specializes in enhancing brand value through the development of regionally relevant, channel- and segment-specific, integrated marketing programs.

Trade Marketing includes: 
• Consumer Insights 
• Beverage Development/Mixology 
• Multicultural Marketing 
• Program Development 
• Traditional/Digital Media Support 
• Creative/Graphic Design and Production


Through data and technology investment, their category management team aligns market intelligence and real-time insights to provide category-centric, geo-targeted solutions intended to maximize customer and brand value. This team steward strategic customer and supplier partnerships promoting market share growth by maximizing the assortment process, supporting program compliance, and advancing relevant product distribution.


RNDC’s dedicated corporate and in-house mixologists specialize in creating and marketing brand-customized drink strategies and beverage programs catered to target taste profiles and concepts.  As innovative cocktail offerings become a mainstay in the restaurant, bar and retail space, their mixology team cultivates relationships with its customer base through a personalized, targeted approach to beverage consulting unseen in the industry. In collaboration with the trade marketing and sales teams, their mixologists build creative initiatives and strategies to secure new points of distribution and increasing sales volume at the account level.

RNDC is proud to partner with some of the world’s most distinguished alcohol producers and sellers. A leading wholesale beverage distributor, RNDC offers a broad product portfolio encompassing a wide variety of wine, spirits and beer.