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Statco-DSI Process Systems

Meet the team of Statco-DSI Process Systems at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo this November

We are an equipment provider, specializing in blending, and processing for all types of beverages, including cannabis-infused, and we have the experience to show for it.  We take pride in our client list, and hope to continue expanding our portfolio of satisfied customers and product experiences.  


Statco-DSI is a leader in food and beverage processing, including our best in class blending technology.  We are able to offer expertise, equipment, and extensive experience in blending all types of beverage products, with any number of ingredients, including cannabis.  We apply our technologies to beer, including non-alcoholic, as well as CSD carbonated soft drinks, enhanced/flavoured water drinks, caffeinated/energy drinks, and RTD ready to drink canned cocktails.  We have experience blending cannabis beverages in larger-scale applications, doing so in a continuous inline process, within critical tolerances, while keeping your efficiencies and profits high, and product loss low.  Our inline systems use less floor space, with little to no need for expensive tanks and mixers, and is fully automated, with the latest in reporting features.   Besides our technologies, we carry a full line of sanitary processing equipment and knowledge for beverage processors, from fittings and gaskets to strainers, pumps, valves and instrumentation.    

Statco-DSI Process Systems will be exhibiting at the 2021 Cannabis Drinks Expo. Get your visitor pass today and see how they can help you.