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Oyster Room: Session I - 25 July 2019 (9 AM to 11 AM)

The 3 Barriers to Cannabis Beverage Category Growth

Mr. Jeff will share share his experiences in market and discuss the status of what is being done in the industry to overcome these 3 barriers.

Selling & Distributing Drinks: What’s Different for Cannabis?

Co Speaker:

Learn about marketing, sales and distribution from two drinks industry veterans, an alcohol lawyer and a beer sales & marking professional, who both now work in the cannabis industry. Rebecca and Charlie will discuss their experience working with brands in the alcohol industry and cannabis industry and the parallels and differences for getting products to market. What opportunities and challenges do cannabis drinks bring to the table?  How do brands get distribution and distributors keep brands?  What sales and marketing tactics work and what’s compliant? Why are CBD beverages such a game-changer?

Panel Discussion: Dispensary panel

Moderated By Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky Panel Includes:

Dr. Arup Sen, C.E.O., Infusion Biosciences, Inc.

Eric Schnell, President of mood33 Cannabis Infused Sparkling Tonics

Richard Sayre, Chief Scientific Officer, Pebble Labs

Oyster Room: Session II - 25 July 2019 (1 PM to 3 PM)

“Getting High, Not Stoned.”

Cannabis will go the same way. Drug dealers no longer need to carry the strongest cannabis in their backpack, as dispensaries are looking to give customers a wide verity of products with a wide verity of effects.  Not everyone is looking for a 100mg drink that gets him or her to stoned to get off the couch or socialize.  Low dosed THC edibles will help introduce new consumers to the cannabis space.

Cheers! Why The Future Of Cannabis Is In Beverages

Terence Donnelly will explain why cannabis-infused beverages are ready to take off as a new product category. He will highlight what companies should be doing now to prepare for this coming wave of cannabis-infused beverages in the marketplace.

Water-compatible cannabis extract nanoemulsions: benefits, formulation development and production methodology.

The presentation will start with an overview of common routes of cannabinoid delivery to the bloodstream and a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of each from the medical applications perspective. Water-compatible cannabis extract formulations will then be introduced as a potential solution to many of the drawbacks, and different types of such formulations will be described, with nanoemulsions emerging as the preferred type. The basic composition and properties of nanoemulsions will subsequently be discussed, followed by an explanation of absorption pathways and reasons for their enhanced bioavailability and shortened onset of action. The methodology for laboratory optimization and commercial-scale production of nanoemulsions will then be discussed. The presentation will conclude with an overview of potential directions for "water-soluble" cannabis, with parallels drawn to active hydrophobic pharmaceutical ingredients formulated as nanoemulsions

Panel Discussion: Cannabis Regulations Across Boundaries

Moderated By Omar Figueroa Panel Includes:

Stacy Hostetter, General Counsel of CannaCraft

Lauren Mendelsohn, Associate Attorney at Law Offices of Omar Figueroa

Michael Hayford, CEO & Chairman, Lighthouse Strategies, LLC.


Baden Room: Session I - 25 July 2019 (9 AM to 11 AM)

Venture Capital Guide To The Cannabis Beverage Industry

Mr. Narbe Alexandrian, President Of Canopy Rivers Inc. will be taking this session and speaks on "Venture Capital Guide To The Cannabis Beverage Industry"

Grass Into Glass: Tapping The Market For Cannabis Beverages

Bill Silver CEO of Cannacraft will take the session on "Grass Into Glass" and will explain how to Tap The Market For Cannabis Beverages

A Compliance Plan For The Ever-Evolving World Of Cannabis

Explain how to protect your new cannabis drinks company from legal and regulatory risk.There are literally hundreds of pages of regulations for all operators to follow. And, making things even more difficult, the regulatory landscape continues to shift and evolve on a state-by-state basis. To help make sense of this often confusing landscape, Michael Cooper, Managing Member of MadisonJay Solutions LLC, will explain how to protect your new cannabis drinks company from legal and regulatory risk at the upcoming Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco.

Media And Marketing In Cannabis

Adam Miron The Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at Hexo will be covering Media and Communications role in Cannabis Drinks Industry

Trademarks related to Cannabis Industry

Stacy Hostetter will explain cannabis trademarks from top to bottom. She will outline how to identify potential trademarks, how to select the most profitable ones, how to perform clearance of those trademarks, and then how to register that trademark at both the state and federal level.

Next Generation Cannabis Infused Beverage

Eric Schnell will explain how to market next gen beverages to consumers seeking the benefits of this healing plant in a new delivery format.

Co Speaker

  • Chris Cuvelier - Head of Beverage at Caliva


Baden Room: Session II - 25 July 2019 (1 PM to 3 PM)

Communications And Media

Cannabis Infused Cocktails: Combining Craft Spirits and Top Shelf Flower into tasty little cocktails

How to create their own cannabis-infused cocktails, focusing on one exotic creation inspired by Vietnamese street vendors. This iced cannabis drink features THC-infused condensed milk with sugarcane juice and coconut water ice. For lazy afternoons and late nights socializing with friends at the bar, this Asian-inspired cocktail might just be the perfect buzzworthy libation to serve.

Breakthrough Water Soluble Infusion

Founded on over 12 years of research on water soluble nutritional molecules, Infusion Biosciences Inc discovered that naturally water soluble forms of phytochemicals, including cannabinoids and terpenes, are present in cannabis and hemp plants. Infusion’s ground- breaking discovery lead them to create patent pending Aqueous Phytorecovery Process (APP) that first recovers these naturally water soluble forms of oils without disrupting or ‘denurating’ their native state.

“Designer” beverage products formulated to satisfy specific desires and needs of consumers – relaxation, mood enhancement, appetite control, pain relief – based on decades of knowledge about the effects of different cannabis varieties.

Panel Discussion: The Future of Cannabis Drinking, Dining and Crop-to-Kitchen Cuisine

Moderated By Rachel Burkons Panel Includes:

Jamie Evans, Founder, The Herb Somm

Jeremy Marshall, Brewmaster, Lagunitas

Kathleen Murphy, VP of Innovation and Business Development, Francis Ford Coppola