Event Schedule 2021

Morgan MFG


Joy Hudson

Founder and CEO at Nimble Distribution

Working with distributors

Joy Hudson built one of Oregon’s largest cannabis distributors from 2017 and in this she shares tips for brands looking to effectively work with distributors.

Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky

President & CSO, Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC

"Water-Soluble" Cannabis: Ultrasonic Production of Liquid and Powdered Nanoemulsions of CBD, THC and/or Other Cannabinoids

This presentation will demonstrate how to formulate and manufacture translucent cannabinoid nanoemulsions (“water-soluble” CBD and THC) that can be readily mixed into and administered as beverages. It will also illustrate how to produce water-soluble cannabis extract powders that can be consumed directly as fast-dissolving tablets or infused into beverages, edibles and many other types of finished products.

Tara Rozalowsky

Tara Rozalowsky, VP of Beverages and Edibles at Canopy Growth

A New Sip on Wellness: Mood Management with Cannabis Beverages

The global cannabis beverage market is expected to reach $1.5B by 2025. The opportunity for and growth of this market will not only be fueled by cannabis beverages' compelling offering against alcohol and energy drinks, but by innovations aligned to mood management. In this presentation, Tara Rozalowsky, Vice President of Beverages and Edibles at Canopy Growth, will share insight on how cannabis beverages, like Quatreau, can empower consumers to achieve specific and desired effects, provide perspective on Canopy's beverage strategy and focus on mood management, and paint a picture of what is next in the cannabis beverages sector.

Tracey Mason

Co-Founder & CEO, House of Saka, Inc

Why cannabis will steal share from the alcohol occasion

The decline in alcohol consumption has been widely reported among younger consumers. At the same time, cannabis-infused beverages continue to realize tremendous growth. But are the two trends truly related?

Former alcohol-industry executive turned cannabis beverage entrepreneur, Tracey Mason, delivers her unique and oft humorous perspective on the question that continues to plague the minds of alcohol and cannabis industry soothsayers alike…are we all high or can cannabis really replace the alcohol occasion?


Amor Montes De Oca

Executive Director at Illinois Women in Cannabis

Panel: What Women Want From Their Infused Beverages

Illinois Women in Cannabis (IWC) will host a female focused conversation about what women want from their infused beverages at retail and on-premise, at restaurants and bars. IWC has assembled a powerhouse panel of female executives who will discuss women as consumers of cannabis-infused beverages and drinks, and the implication of portability, palatability and sociability on product development, branding and marketing.


Chelsea Bedard, Chief Revenue Officer, Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonics 

Jennifer Owens, Chief Executive Officer, Beverage Solution Partners

Alison Disney, Partner and Business Strategist, Receptor Brands

Laura Yee, Advisor & Trendspotter, USFood and Owner/Operator, Bite This Media

Moderator: Illinois Women in Cannabis

Lisa Weser

The Cannabis Publicist, Founder at Trailblaze.co, CPG Marketer & Brand Strategist

The King of Buzz: Introducing Americans to Cannabis Beverages

As the former head of U.S. Marketing Communications at AB InBev (BUD), Lisa made the pivot from Queen of Beers to The Cannabis Publicist™ in 2018. She founded Trailblaze to bring a more sophisticated, disciplined “big CPG” storytelling approach to the developing cannabis industry. From the High Times to The New York Times, Lisa and her team put next-generation brands on the map with strategic, results-focused communications strategies and targeted mainstream media relations.

Bradley Mora

CEO at Spacestation

Want to create your own cannabis beverage brand: here's how to do it

Spacestation is the current largest manufacturer of cannabis-infused drinks in the world. Our company is based in Woodland, California, near Sacramento. Spacestation specializes in turnkey contract manufacturing solutions that enable companies of all sizes to effectively develop a cannabis beverage brand and help take their new product to market. In this talk Brad will give you insights on how to start your own cannabis beverage brand.

Rachel Boykins

Director of Brand Marketing, PharmaCann Inc.

What Cannabis drinks should be stealing from big brands

As a newcomer to cannabis, Rachel recognizes there's a lot the industry can learn from some of her former employers.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel when CPG and alcohol have set up tried and true strategies to steal.  Taking her learnings from adjacent industries and recent experience as PharmaCann's Director of Brand Marketing, she will review what cannabis brands can really implement to drive success and act like a big brand.