Meet our 2025 speakers

Meagen Anderson

Director of Wholesale, Highway Horticulture

Meagen Anderson hails from the Midwest and has had the pleasure of being part of the incredible evolution of the craft beer movement in the United States for the past 15 years. Her professional portfolio includes commercial roles for The Boston Beer Company and the revered New Zealand based hop co-operative, NZ Hops Ltd. In 2022, Meagen became an advisor to the craft brewing industry to join a vertically integrated cannabis startup in Michigan to build cannabis beverage brands and direct wholesale efforts for Highway Horticulture. Highway Horticulture is a vertically integrated cannabis production facility and wholesalers in Michigan. She desires to actively participate in the functional cannabis category growth by partnership with strong brands and retailers that seek growth through education and retail facing brand programs, such as Happi.

She also founded Transcending Trauma in 2022, a program created to support survivors and supporters of the #metoo movement by offering Transcendental Meditation training and consciousness programs to breweries and individuals. www.hopforwardconsulting.com

Meagen is pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Business at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, IA in combination with Consciousness Consultant training with the esteemed Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PHD, MARR. She currently resides in Portage, MI. Meagen loves spending time with her two beautiful children and is grateful to be able to give them the gift of consciousness and help nurture their own creative expression.