Meet our 2025 speakers

Debbie Novograd

Chief Executive Officer at BevZero

Debbie Novograd is a problem solver and forward thinker. Her ability to not only look at larger existing problems, both internally and externally, but identify future opportunities in the marketplace to meet consumer trends and needs is what propelled her over the last 25 years through leadership roles in marketing and business development for food and beverage behemoths like Starbucks and Aramark. As Director of Marketing for Starbucks International, Debbie utilized brand innovation to define Starbucks in each new market, marrying consumer needs with company deliverables. At Aramark, Debbie moved into operational management and business development solidifying new partnerships and retaining national accounts. Both of these roles would prove to perfectly position her for what was to come.

Under her leadership, BevZero now stands at the forefront of beverage innovation in the dealcoholization and infused beverage space helping global beverage brands of all sizes develop new products, as well as improve existing ones by guiding them through a step-by-step process that allows them to produce the highest quality products. As Debbie leads BevZero into the next decade of beverage innovation, she will continue to use her foresight, her team’s expertise and the company’s cutting-edge technology to not only develop next-gen beverage products, but to change the overall perception of social beverages and consumers’ relationships with non-alcoholic and lower-alcoholic drinks.