Meet our 2025 speakers

Christopher Joseph

Co-Founder, Wyld and Founder & CEO, Cascade Spirits

Chris Joseph is the Founder/CEO of Portland-based Cascade Spirits, a spirits company he launched in 2012 at just 22-years-old. Chris’ intrinsic entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success flourished during his college years. Born and raised in Oregon, Chris knew there were few places in the world that produced fruit as flavorful and abundant as the state’s Willamette Valley. Taking this knowledge and realizing there was a hole in the market for naturally-flavored vodkas, the early seeds of Chris' first brand, Wild Roots were planted. After graduation, Chris was at a crossroads - he could go to law school, or take a chance on Cascade Spirits. He went with the latter, creating a business plan based on one he made as a student at Portland State University's School of Business. In just seven years since its inception, Chris grew Cascade Spirits from a garage operation to being one of the largest distilleries in the Northwest, with many of the products being best sellers in their category. Today, Cascade Spirits has 5 brands, some of which are available nationwide. 

In 2016, Chris also co-founded Wyld, the largest cannabis edible brand in the country. Later in 2019, Chris helped expand Wyld’s footprint in cannabis by launching a line of CBD products, including a variety of canned CBD beverages. 

In 2019, Chris also acquired another spirits company, Cascade Street Distillery. After the acquisition of Cascade Street Distillery, Chris implemented new changes and additions to distribution that have led to 140% growth in less than a year. Chris is also responsible for a series of other brands and local investments.