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The Top Private Label Cannabis Companies

As the value of the cannabis industry is increasing, many entrepreneurs and small businesses are using private label cannabis companies.

Today one of the most lucrative and rapidly expanding industries is Cannabis. Using your private labels is one of the best ways to profit in the cannabis sector. 

Whether you are a budding cannabis brand or an established company, you will need a trustworthy private-label cannabis company to partner with if you want to benefit from this rapid expansion. To assist you on your path, here are some of the important information that you need to know about private label cannabis manufacturing and a list of some of the pioneers in the cannabis market. 

What is a Private Label?

Private labeling, often known as white labeling, is the process of having one company manufacture and package a product, which is then labeled and marketed by a different company. Private label producers often produce products utilizing either generic or customized methods for a range of customers. These companies can even market and sell their proprietary product. Many different industries, including food, cosmetics, and now the cannabis industry, use private labeling frequently.

Top Private Label Cannabis Companies in the US


Image Source- HybridLA


In this new era of commercialization and consumerism, Hybrid LA was founded with the intention of preserving the cannabis culture. They are a group of skilled cultivators, processors, and technicians who use the small-batch producers' artisanal "farm-to-table" production methods to provide cannabis-based products to the wider markets. 

HybridLA only uses the best quality products and resources to make flowers, concentrates, edibles, and topicals. They also pay attention to the small details that are frequently missed or disregarded during mass production. HybridLA provides private label cannabis services, such as distribution and marketing plans to develop the brand. 

Wellgreens CA

Image Source- Wellgreens California

Wellgreens California

Wellgreens CA is a leading manufacturing and distribution company, which produces unique cannabis products utilizing the best technologies and formulation techniques. They work with some of the leading brands in California. 

This private label cannabis firm can produce huge quantities of cannabis products with the highest efficiency and quality possible, starting from tinctures and edibles to topicals and vape cartridges. Wellgreens California manages production so that its clients can focus on expanding their cannabis business. In addition, their clients can also work with them without having a cannabis license.


Image Source- WHT LBL


The company is the result of years of pioneering expertise and the founders and employees of WHT LBL who have been longtime partners and friends. Over the past few years, they have worked as entrepreneurs, licensed operators, and consultants in the legal marijuana market for both medicinal and adult usage.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, WHT LBL is a licensed cannabis grower, extractor, and manufacturer. They are a private label cannabis organization that works for startups and established brands to develop premium quality products. Additionally, WHT LBL assists dispensaries that wish to streamline their purchasing procedures while simultaneously increasing their customer-dealing inventory.

Riverview Farms

Image Source- Riverview Farms

Riverview Farms

Riverview Farms is one of the biggest female-minority-owned and controlled cannabis organizations in the world. They are licensed cannabis cultivators in the Salinas Valley.

For companies looking for private label cannabis partners with total control over product supply, Riverview Farms can be their best choice because they provide turnkey products. Riverview Farms is a great option if you're seeking for large-scale cannabis-producing enterprise to collaborate with.


Image Source- Flav


Flav is a private label cannabis business established in California that emphasizes on cutting-edge production methods and top-notch products. Flav ensures that they examine every product to guarantee quality and purity.

You can acquire turnkey cannabis products in industry-compliant customized packaging using their white-label services, which will save you both time and money.

Riverview Farms

Image Source- Riverview Farms

Adding to that, here are some of the advantages of working with a private label company: 

Reduced Legal Issues

Even in recent times, only in a few states, it is legal to grow cannabis commercially. And, getting a private label partner for your business is not negotiable if you are located in a state where marijuana cultivation is prohibited. 

It is always a smart decision to look for a private label manufacturer even if you are staying in states where cannabis growth is legal. Overseeing the legal aspects of growing cannabis and selling cannabis products can be time-consuming and challenging. Working with private label cannabis firms can save a lot of time and legal difficulties because they manage most of the work required for licensing. 


Decreased Overhead

Partnering with a private label cannabis company can improve the financial performance of your organization. To start a cannabis growing operation from the scratch can be a huge responsibility because there are so many techniques along with legal works related to it.  

Cannabis products must be grown, produced, packaged, and distributed, all of which demand significant investments in manpower, equipment, and training. But by outsourcing these tedious tasks you can save money that can be used to improve marketing and business development. 

Quality Assurance

The majority of private label cannabis firms acquire the highest levels of certifications and monitor their quality by conducting quality-assurance checks. These organizations have entire units that are committed to testing the purity and quality of these cannabis-based products. 

Large-scale businesses have the resources to confirm that their cannabis plants are in good health, equipment is of the best quality, and they maintain the standard of their products. Simply check the organization's certifications, policies, and procedures to make sure they live up to your standards.

The CBD market is expanding swiftly, and collaborating with a private label cannabis firm will make it easy for you to launch your cannabis company. Find a good private label cannabis partner according to your requirement who will help you to achieve success in the cannabis industry. You can also know more about Online Retailing Driving the Cannabis-Infused Drinks Sales and get more detailed information about the Cannabis Beverage Market from Cannabis Drinks Expo. Cannabis Drinks Expo is also the only event in the United States that brings every cannabis industry professional to the same platform. Its objective is to provide knowledge, network, and platforms so that it becomes easier for the cannabis drink businesses to grow and develop. 

Written by Aparna Dutta, Beverage Trade Network