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Learn Everything You Need to Know at Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023 has focused on the increase in the overall category by showcasing exhibitors and speakers who can help by creating outstanding networking opportunities.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023 will feature several presentations from industry leaders and will include topics such as:

1) How to create a CBD or THC-infused beverage brand that people want to drink.

2) Processes of crafting cannabis-infused beer and wine.

3) Getting your product on dispensary shelves and understanding compliance.

4) Top tips for successful cannabis marketing strategies that you’ll want to implement immediately.

5) The benefits of social media content strategies for driving brand awareness and engagement.

6) Be ahead of the game for what’s expected for cannabis food and beverage.

Here are a few reasons your cannabis brand will learn everything needed to know for growing success at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023.

Create Long-Lasting Connections

At the expo, you will find cannabis brands, suppliers, and investors that are serious about building their businesses and are passionate about seeing the success of the cannabis beverage category grow rapidly over the next few years.

Brands and cannabis investors are all-in when they join the experience at the Cannabis Drink Expo, thanks to startups and successful cannabis brands that continue to come out with new cannabis-infused products that keep fascinating consumers with each experience.

At Cannabis Drinks Expo 2022, attendees buzzed casually amongst each other, and lunchtime was a highlight for making those follow-up connections within the industry. Visitors poured in through the doors until the end of the day’s events for both San Francisco and Chicago locations. Many attendees and exhibitors were excited to attend the after-party.


Attend Discussion Panels With Industry Leaders in the Beverage Category

The Cannabis Drinks Expo annually brings together one of the largest gatherings of cannabis drinks professionals across the United States. The event continuously brings drinks producers, brand owners, leading cannabis companies, and marketing experts into one space for a fantastic expo and business conference.

Covering key issues surrounding the likelihood and timescale for legalization throughout other states, it is a must-attend event for those who want to know more and are curiously eyeing the promising future of the beverage category of the cannabis industry.

These speakers and industry wavemakers are here to provide you with services and solutions that can help your business grow. You can make connections for collaborations with these companies and individuals to gain access to:

1) Research and development services.

2) Advanced cannabis infusing technologies.

3) Data insights and analytics for your growing business.

4) Customized beverage equipment, processing, packaging, and lab services.

Cannabis Drinks Expo Registration

Snag Successful Cannabis Marketing Tips

There’s tons more to be explored and so much valuable marketing information that will inspire you to get started on deep branding development as soon as possible.

In 2022, we had many incredible conversations with some of the biggest names in cannabis marketing. Their attendance and insight lead to a vast array of information that can be just the tool to jumpstart your cannabis beverage company.

We’ve had conversations with Rosie Mattio, founder and CEO of Mattio Communications — one of the leading cannabis PR firms throughout the United States, on how to compose a good PR story for your cannabis brand. Kimberly Stolz, Head of Market Development at Keef Brands, shares how to pitch your cannabis beverages to dispensaries. Finally, Michael Gruber, Managing Partner at Salveo Capital, shares with our audience. 

You can learn more about upcoming speakers for our 2023 events in San Francisco and Chicago.

Find Enlightenment at the Cannabis Drinks Expo 2023

This is the event of 2023 for cannabis startups to be in attendance and make impressions. With new states legalizing cannabis, the shows this year will be focused on bringing cannabis drink professionals from all new legal states. 

Save the date for your city and connect with MSOs, dispensaries, growers, packaging companies, co-packers, flavor suppliers, cannabis beverage brands, and other service providers that are looking to enter the cannabis beverage market.

Register today to attend in San Francisco on July 27th or Chicago on August 1st.

Article by: Hannah (Izer) Vysoky