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Top 10 Cannabis Infused Drinks You Must Try in 2019

Consumers are tilting their focus from cannabis edibles to drinks, making it a 600+ million-dollar market.

A cannabis-infused drink is a drink that has been infused with cannabinoids. Business Insider predicted the global cannabis drink market to be worth more than 600 million dollars in the next three years. Cannabis infused drinks have largely impacted the beverage industry. From small industries to big corporate houses, everyone is jumping on board to capitalize on the global cannabis drinks market. Chefs and scientists are coming up with new and unique ways to infuse cannabis into various beverages. Today we have cannabis-infused water, soda, coffee, tea, milk, wine, etc. selling across dispensaries on a large scale. Cannabis Drinks Expo team has hence curated a list of top cannabis-infused drink which you must try.

Cannabis-Infused Sauvignon Blanc

Rebel Coast Winery produces alcohol-free cannabis-infused Sauvignon Blanc. Rebel Coast Winery`s Cannabis Infused Sauvignon Blanc is a crisp, clean California Sauvignon Blanc without the taste or smell of cannabis. It contains high acid, with bright citrus, and a crisp clean finish.

Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Infused Wines

Hill Street Beverage Company is a Producer of Non-Alcoholic Beers and Wine alongside Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Infused Drinks. Hill Street is based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. They produce Alcohol-free Wine and Beers. They are also entering Cannabis Infused Drinks Matter Soon.

Cannabis Infused Cocktails

The Tinley Beverage Company believes in a new, healthy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of smoke-free cannabis. Their Tinley™ Cocktails and Tinley™ ’27 products have reduced the amount of sugar and calories than their beverage alcohol counterparts. Tinley drinks are created with cannabis strain varieties that are asked for by consumers, in harmony with their range of contemporary lifestyles and tastes.

Cannabis Infused Beverages

Keef Brands produces, and distributes multiple cannabis-infused product lines through various brands like the Keef, OilStix, and VitaCanna brands. These brand`s products include beverages, edibles, and CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. Other edibles that can take up to two hours to take full effect but Keef’s cannabis-infused beverages offer full effects in as little as 15 minutes of consumption, leading to a more real-time and responsible consumption experience. 

Cannabis Infused Coffee and Tea

Cannabiniers is a foodservice, technology & brand management company that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented, safe and natural flower-based extraction technology and products.

Cannabiniers brands include:

  • Two Roots Brewing Co.
  • Just Society Coffee & Tea Co. 
  • Bask 

Cannabis Infused Energy Drink

Cannabis Energy Drink combines high-quality energy drink ingredients with a unique sweet flavor which is complemented with hemp seed extract. It contains caffeine, taurine and a bunch of vitamins, the cannabis energy drink does what it does well, and tastes good while doing it. Cannabis energy drink contains no THC and causes no narcotics effect.

Cannabis Infused Herbal Drinks

Mood33 is inspired by ancient herbal remedy, Ayurveda principles, and traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Mood33 infusions were created for mood-based benefits. Mood33 creates cannabis-infused sparkling tonics to suit any mood – choose calm, passion, or joy. Plant-based sweeteners which are used in Mood33 keep the calorie levels low while maintaining fresh, bright, clean flavors–all with a sparkling touch.

Cannabis Infused Soda

California Dreamin is a food and beverage startup that manufactures all-natural cannabis-infused sodas for a light social high. It is made of a combination of fruit juice, cannabis, and carbonation.

Cannabis Infused Sparkling Water

Utopia produces sparkling water with zero calories and zero sugar. The patent-pending technology that produces Utopia Sparkling Water makes sure of a taste and odour-free cannabis emulsion.

Hemp Based Beverage

Joybird Hemp Beverage harnesses the power of Hemp Extract to help consumers Recover, Focus, and Chill. Joybird’s Hemp Extract is sourced from organic hemp and synthesized into Nanoparticles, to enhance absorption. With Joybird, your body absorbs nearly 100% of the Hemp Extract. Drink one before you start your day to focus, after a hard workout to recover, and at the end of a long day to chill out!

VYBES is an organic beverage made with Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) with15Mg CBD. Hemp-derived CBD helps our body naturally achieve homeostasis by regulating our anxiety, stress, mood, sleep, memory, and other key functions. CBD is a non-psychoactive gift from mother nature. Drinking VYBES has the power to improve your emotional well-being and achieve homeostasis.

Recess is infused with hemp extract and adaptogens, which is powerful and contains natural ingredients that help us adapt to stress and replenish our bodies’ endocannabinoid system which regulates our mood to help us achieve a balanced state of mind.

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