Photo for: Momentum, Influence, and Results at the Cannabis Drinks Expo - Chicago, Illinois



Momentum, Influence, and Results at the Cannabis Drinks Expo - Chicago, Illinois

Cannabis-infused Beverages: A Surge of Consumer Interest

Cannabis Drinks Expo is coming to Chicago, Illinois on November 15, 2021, brought to you by none other than The Beverage Trade Network. This one-day event will uncover the secrets of the extremely fast-growing segment of cannabis-infused beverages.

The cannabis entrepreneur who attends will be offered precious information on everything from the planning stages of crafting a cannabis-infused drink brand to formulation, regulations and compliance, branding, marketing, and the distribution of a cannabis drink product. We have outstanding experts in their field to clarify and explain the whole process. No stone will be left unturned.

Cannabis-infused drinks are not just the 'newest cannabis craze'. Studies show that in the US, consumers are steadily moving away from alcoholic choices. The population is becoming more health-conscious and looking for alternative beverage options. This is what attracts a whole new emerging segment of buyers to cannabis-infused beverages.

The Cannabis Drinks Expo will attract people from all over the United States. They will be flocking to Illinois on November 15, 2021. Coming to inform themselves about this thrilling element of the cannabis industry. They will see firsthand what it takes to create a cannabis-infused beverage brand.

Networking possibilities are endless. Browse the extensive expo booths, and connect with companies that are on the cutting-edge of the cannabis industry. Connections and partnerships are key in this endeavor.

The panel of experts will be presenting intriguing and vital information that will demystify the whole procedure of cannabis-infused beverages. There will be a full day of presentations that comprises some of the top names in the cannabis industry.

The morning session will consist of conversations with Joy Hudson, Founder of Nimble Distributions, Ave Miller, Chief GSO at Fly Beverage Co., and Michael Cooper, Managing Member, MadisonJay Solutions. They will give wisdom into working with distributors and how to scale with contract manufacturing. Topics will also include product quality, food safety, and compliance with regulations.

This session also encompasses a discussion from Dr. Alexey Peshkosky, President and CSO for Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC. This conversation will include presentations on how to formulate and manufacture water-soluble CBD and THC. He will show how they are infused, and relegated to different products.

Dr. Alexey Peshkosky at 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo

In Frame: Dr. Alexey Peshkosky at 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference

As this exceptionally fascinating morning session continues, Tracey Mason, Co-founder & CEO at House of Saka, Inc., and Bethany Gomez, Managing Director at Brightfield Group, LLC will bring you everything you desire to determine current trends, future predictions, and answer the question of why cannabis-infused drinks are inevitable to steal market share from alcohol.

Kenneth Vandevrede, CEO of HillviewMed, will discuss the future of hemp and cannabis consumption, fast onset water-soluble beverages in a highly regulated space. Tara Rozalowsky, VP of Beverages & Edibles, Canopy Growth, will explain how consumers can tailor their consumption of cannabis beverages for mood management. She will also share insights into Canopys' beverage strategy.

Mingle and make powerful connections on the trade show floor between sessions. Pick the brains of our exhibitors, and see what intelligent, creative minds have innovated for the cannabis-infused beverage market. Enjoy. Let your vision flow.

Then head back into the afternoon sessions with all the questions you might have. Be prepared to be amazed at the information to come your way from our esteemed speakers. Afternoon sessions will dig into many pertinent topics of interest.

Aaron Silverstein, CBA President and VP of Production & BD of House of Saka along with an esteemed panel will talk about the need to advocate for change. Aaron will explain what is currently happening in CA and how to make your voice heard in the Illinois market. This will be of interest to entrepreneurs from other states, looking to bring the significance of cannabis-infused drinks to other geographical locations.

Bradley Mora of Spacestation will give insights into how to start your cannabis beverage brand. Rachel Boykins, Director of Brand Marketing, PharmaCann Inc., and Lisa Wesser, The Cannabist Publicists™, Founder of Trailblaze.Co, CPG Marketer & Brand Specialist, will talk about collaborations, how to partner, educate and win in the cannabis beverage category. Learn how to use results-focused communications and target mainstream media.

Ever wonder what women want? Amor Montes De Oca, Director of Illinois Women in Cannabis, will give some insight into just what women want - from their cannabis-infused beverages. She will moderate a panel to help shed light on this phenomenon.

Next, get ready to learn about the trends in Canna edibles and Beverages. Laurie Parfitt, Cannabis & Consumer Products |Commercial Strategy & Execution Leader, will talk about the next opportunity, emerging trends, and products. She will demonstrate how consumers shop in the industry.

A still from 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo

A still from the 2019 Cannabis Drinks Expo Conference

Cannabis-infused drinks are flying off the shelves in this country. Large quantities of consumers are looking to cast away alcohol, with the hangovers and beer bellies to follow suit. The sensible and healthier alternative, cannabis-infused beverages, is establishing itself as a formidable choice.

Attendees will leave with a well-rounded understanding of what is involved in starting a cannabis-infused drink brand. They will have insight into formulating water-soluble cannabinoid emulsions and turning them into fabulous cannabis beverages. The expo will prepare entrepreneurs to tell their own brand stories and market to consumers who want their cannabis-infused beverages.

Whether you have a budding curiosity about cannabis, you are a cannabis connoisseur, or have an interest in a shift to cannabis-infused beverages from wine and alcohol, this expo and conference is a must-attend event.